The Room

In my dream, viagra I enter a children’s playroom about the size of my daughter’s classroom. Everywhere there are little boys and girls playing together. Older women are standing around watching with beatific smiles on their faces. It takes me a moment before I realize these are the children we lost last Friday.

I walk over to each and every one. Some I pick up and some I squat down to hug. While I hold them in my arms I whisper in their ear, “Your parents love you very much. They can’t join you right now but they’ll be here. And they are going to hug you a hundred times as hard as I can.”

Allison, Ana, Avielle, Benjamin, Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Chase, Daniel, Dylan, Emilie, Grace, Jack, James, Jesse, Jessica, Josephine, Madeleine, Noah, Olivia – we miss you terribly.