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Dave Greten is a writer and tech guy. As Principal of Ridgeline Communications, a full service digital marketing agency, he writes blogs, articles, testimonials, case studies, web pages, and promotional emails. He has been doing this September of 2014 and he loves his work.

If you eat a one pound burger at the fast food place near us, you earn a photo and the admiration of your daughters

If you eat a one pound burger at the fast food place down the street, you earn a photo tribute and the admiration of your daughters

At Dave’s first job out of college he was employee #8 at Viaweb, Paul Graham‘s original startup. In 1998 Viaweb was acquired by Yahoo for $49 million and Dave relocated to California to become employee #512. In 2001 he relocated back to the east coast.

Paul Graham later founded Y Combinator and has been referred to as a “legendary Silicon Valley Investor.” Paul once helped Dave move a couch into his apartment in Cambridge.

Since moving back to the east coast Dave has worked for a presidential campaign, a search engine optimization firm, and Bob Vila, the home improvement guy. When Dave got the job with Bob Vila he had never even mowed a lawn.

Me in Red Square with my best Russian stone face

St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow is the most amazing building Dave has seen. Great job, Russia.

In 2005 he took a class in Russian on a whim and, unexpectedly, used his limited speaking skill in an interview for a position at a Russian security company. The recruiter was blown away by an American able to speak rudimentary Russian and he got the job. Dave got a big kick out of telling people, “I work for the Russians.”

Dave studied English in college but gave up his dream of being a journalist when he saw newspapers were about to be destroyed by the internet. Also he thought when you graduated with a degree in journalism, you immediately started working for The New York Times. Not so, he found out. Working long hours for $14k a year wasn’t going to cut it so he became a dot-com guy instead and it was much better experience.

This is what happens to your hands when you row regularly

This is what happens to your hands when you row regularly

In his spare time, Dave enjoys cycling, swimming, and running because, yes, he is training for a triathlon. Before having kids, he enjoyed doing stupid things like rowing competitively and climbing giant mountains that can kill you. He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Rainier and rowed in the Head of the Charles and the Blackburn Challenge.

Someday he would like to climb either the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda or to the base camp at K2 but that’s going to wait for now. Denali would be cool too. You know what else is neat? Surfing. He’d like to do that as well. Not enough time for all of Dave’s ideas.

Dave appreciates your feedback. Please leave a nice message for him in the comments below.

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  1. Gretenator!

    Hey, just randomly thought to google you the other day when I came across a reference to Viaweb. Glad to see you’re doing well. I know it’s been forever since we’ve talked, but just thought I’d say hi.

    Great website, btw.


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