Letter to the Editor

Hello, here
An excellent column today by Brian Watson! I enjoyed that one very much.

Although I agree the situation looks bleak, I think the solution lays in the one thing we can all agree on – JOBS. Imagine the headlines, “Today Tesla announced plans to open a manufacturing factory in Flint” or “Today Apple announced plans to build a factory in Cleveland.”

Both moves would turn the region blue overnight. It is ridiculous that Apple, worth half a trillion dollars with $200 billion sitting unused in overseas accounts, claims they can’t afford to build a factory in the Midwest.

Bill Clinton won two Presidential races with, “It’s the economy, stupid!” I can only hope Democrats realize the wisdom of that. When we abandon these regions economically, people revert to tribalism and we all lose.

Again, I enjoyed your column very much. As you can see, it stirred quite a bit of thought for me. I look forward to the next one.


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